What are the product OEM/ODM processes?

Step 1: Customized Exclusive Solution

Demand negotiate with the customer. Based on more than 50 years of cosmetics OEM experience, BEAUNION customizes exclusive solutions for customers' products and provides flexible services for raw materials, packaging materials, and finished products.

Step 2: Provide a Quotation

Provide clear quotations according to the products and design methods selected by customers. BEAUNION has the quality of an international cosmetic factory, but the price is more reasonable than other international manufacturers.

Step 3: Exclusive Product Development

From packaging materials to formulas, all are developed exclusively, communicate with customers on development matters carefully, and discuss in detail from packaging materials, formula selection, color selection, packaging methods, printing design, etc.BEAUNION is one of the few cosmetics OEM factories that has its pen tube injection factory in Taiwan. It has precious and high-quality development resources. The research and development of cosmetics insist on no animal experiments. It is a unique cosmetics pen expert in the market. BEAUNION focuses on cosmetic pens and focuses on the OEM of color cosmetics. It is definitely the first choice for exclusive product development cosmetics OEM!

Step 4: Order Confirmation

The order is officially established. Customers must arrange to pay the deposit before pre-production sample production.

Step 5: Pre-Production Sample Confirmation

According to the product form and category, we will provide pre-production samples for clients, and make sure that clients confirm them. After confirmation, that will be used as the standard of mass production. During the initial product inquiry, BEAUNION will provide free samples for customer evaluation. If a further sample or sample adjustment is required, we will provide quotations and charge a sample fee according to the type of product sample required by customers.


Step 6: GMP-Certified Mass Production

Scheduled production plan, and officially start the cosmetics GMP standard manufacturing process. BEAUNION's international-level cosmetics factory has passed ISO 22716 certification. Products will be produced in high-standard certified air-conditioned workshops, high-level clean areas with high air cleanliness, and first-brand experimental equipment. Provide R&D and production technology with high sophistication and ability.

Step 7: Quality inspection checks

BEAUNION has an independent quality control department, which has passed stability tests, high and low-temperature cycle tests, to ensure product functionality and quality, and even retains products for 3 years after shipment to continuously observe and check the quality.

Step 8: Pay The Final Payment And Ship

BEAUNION will issue a notification when the production finishes, and the customer needs to pay the final payment and arrange the shipment.

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