Liquid Brow Tint Pen

Cruelty-Free (Non-Animal Tested)
Vegan Formula available
Contract manufacturing to fully customize your private label cosmetics products
Packaging and Bulk can solely purchase, turnkey service


Just like your natural eyebrow.
A brush tip liquid brow pen that easily fills in sparse area of brows and creates precise, hair-like strokes.

How To Use

  1. Apply the Brow Tint Pen on clean eyebrows.
  2. Draw hair-like strokes from eyebrow anchor to tail, repeat for added intensity.
  3. To saturate the tip of the Brow Tint Pen, hold the pen face down for 5 seconds or gently wipe the tip on a clean tissue before continuing the application.
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Liquid Brow Tint Pen Introduction Video

Liquid Brow Tint Pen Specification

Ø: 10.7 mm ; L: 12.2 cm
Volume Net. Wt. 0.6 g
Material PP, Brush tip
Formulas Type Liquid
Storage Shelf Life : 36 Months
Period after Opening : 6 Months

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