Sharpenable Lip Crayon/ Pen

Multiple formula options: textured satin or high fashion matte finish
Cruelty-Free (Non-Animal Tested)
Vegan Formula available


A seductive collection of nude lip crayons delivering a creamy and full-coverage formula finish.

How To Use

  1. Apply to the outer lines of lips to create the perfect contour.

  2. Use alone or layer with any lipsticks.

  3. To long last your lipstick wear, gradually fill in color all over lips and apply your favorite lipsticks on top of it. 

  4. Use a sharpener before use it.

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Lip gloss OEM FAQ

Q. Are there any other options for lip gloss besides this shaving type?
A. Yes, our lip gloss can be used as a shaving pen tube or the formula can be filled in the rotating pen packaging material.

Q. Can I request samples?
A.Yes, we can provide free samples in the initial development stage, which is convenient for customers to test the quality and makeup effect.

Q. Do lip glosses usually require at least a few colors?
A. In addition to the basic MOQ filling single color minimum quantity, on the market sales side, Beaunion will recommend launching at least 4~6 colors at a time, which are more complete and eye-catching.

Sharpenable Lip Crayon Specification

Dimension Ø: 11.8 mm / L: 11.2 cm
Volume Net. Wt4.0g
Material PVC、ABS、PP
Formulas Type Ointment
Storage Shelf Life:36 months
Period after Opening:12 months


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