What We Do

As a leader of cosmetics OEM/ODM contract manufacturer, we devoted into each part of cosmetics, such as Formula Innovation; Finished Products (Ready-to-Market); Packaging design.
We take care each details to ensure all the best and the highest value to you.

Beaunion is_Formula innovation_Packaging design_Turnkey cosmetics
Service Formulation_Beaunion OEM Cosmetics manufacturer
Formula Innovation
Our professional R&D capability can fully customize the formula according to your demands. 
Check the quality, stability, compatibility and safe product is our superme principle when developing.
Service Private Label FInish Product_Beaunion OEM Cosmetics manufacturer
Finished Product (Ready-to-Market)
Stand by you, share and support all the needs when developing products, we are always provide the best sincerity from formula, shades, packaging, design, printing,etc. all essential fators to hatch a perfect boutique together. 
Service Packaging_Beaunion OEM Cosmetics manufacturer Packaging Design
Fancy design of packaging is a very important part to make the products more facinating, Beaunion care each details and can help to design, molding and inject the packagings.