Retractable Eye Shadow Pen SCY-702

Waterproof, luxuriously smooth and long wearing eyeshadow pencils.
Wear them as a solid colour or blend them with a built-in sponge.
  • Item No. : SCY-702
    • Cruelty-Free (Non-Animal Tested)
    • Vegan Formula avaliable
    • Alcohol-Free
    • Paraben-Free
    How To Use
    1. Draw a line from the inner corner to the outer corner of upper and lower lid.
    2. Apply all over the eyelid.
    3. Then use the built-in smudge tool to smudge the line, go back and forth until the desired look is achieved.
  • Dimension Ø: 10 mm / L: 13.8 cm
     Volume Net. Wt. 0.7 g
    Material PP
    Formulas Type Ointment
    Storage • Shelf Life : 36 Months
    • Period after Opening : 6 Months