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2020.12.24 PRODUCTS

Beaunion, Your Best Mascara Manufacturer

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Beaunion is specialize at MASCARA manufacturing.
We are your best MASCARA supplier.
Have so many kinds of formula: lengthening, volumizing, long-lasting, etc. 
Various formula and packaigng can customize to your demands. 
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" Ingredient Call Out "
Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Paraben-Free
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" Choose your formula "
  1. Lengthening mascara formula
  2. Volumizing mascara formula
  3. Curling & Lifting mascara formula
  4. With fiber or fiberless mascara formula
  5. Flake-proof mascara formula
  6. Warm water removable mascara formula
  7. Intense black mascara formula
  8. Mini mascara
  9. Mascara primer
  10. Lash enhancing serum
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